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We credit the following persons, past and present, for inspiration, material, and invention.

  • Gerald Gardner and Alex Sanders, without whom, we would not have this practice.
  • Stewart and Janet Farrar, who's published works and philosophies have been a great source for our own.
  • Grandfather Star, Nimishoomis Onagocag, who was Dagda's first teacher of the Alexandrian tradition, and from whom she received her first and second degree initiations. The circle casting that is part of this tradition is based on the circle casting that was learned from him. We give credit and thanks for his redaction of the original Alexandrian in order to make this tradition accessible for queer folk.
  • The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn was the inspiration for the open source aspect of Open Source Alexandrian Witchcraft.
  • Victor and Cora Anderson, founders of the Feri tradition of witchcraft, who showed that gendered polarity is unnecessary.
  • Valerie Walker, AM's Feri teacher
  • Athena Wallinder, who introduced AM to the Goetia and the Enochian angels.
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