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Though the Circle of Cerridwen does not use a Book of Shadows, we do recommend the creation of a Book of Spirits.

The idea of keeping a Book of Spirits dates back to Renaissance ceremonial magick. The idea is that, whenever you encounter a new spirit, you record details of that spirit in a book, such that it can be accessed again later. Many published grimoires of the time are effectively books of spirits that were made public.

The Circle of Cerridwen Book of Spirits is an attempt to create an online grimoire that acts as a shared Book of Spirits for the membership of the coven and for anyone else who might find the information useful. This collection spans a number of traditions, which may seem controversial. Though there is no intent on our part to publish material that other lines or traditions hold secret, all of our sources are either openly published or received directly through working with the spirits concerned. Where possible, references are given to preexisting material in order to facilitate further study.

The CoC Book of Spirits is not intended to serve as a how-to guide in and of itself. If you don't already know how to call and work with spirits, and protect yourself from any undue consequences, you should probably do some more study first. We will endeavour to expand our library section to include techniques for invocation, evocation, protection, etc., as necessary., but do be aware that dealing with spirits always carries some risk, usually that of bringing change upon yourself.


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